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"I wish I could throw off the thoughts which poison my happiness. And yet I take a kind of pleasure in indulging them." -Frédéric François Chopin

2/5 gx for krisyeolvember♥

camera!au for michy, i hope this is what you wanted! lol ps i love you!
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11/13 men’s style edits

11/13 men’s style edits

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the taxi almost leaving chanyeol behind… 

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Kris's many drink cfs

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"It’s all about the women. I think it’s the greatest cast of female actors ever assembled for a TV project, so I love that." -Ryan Murphy

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Me before social events

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Chanyeol photography.

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container box | do not edit

container box | do not edit

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Rainy Seoul by Nigel Cooper*


Rainy Seoul by Nigel Cooper*

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Welcome to the fairytale by LaRoseDePetitPrince
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58/100 reasons as of why I love Park Chanyeol: how he grasp onto people things when he is bored or nervous 

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